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Copy of Wolpertinger Chicks

A baby Wolpertinger playing around in the woodpile.

A baby Wolpertinger playing around in the woodpile.



Newly discovered, the Wolpertinger is a mischievous creature first documented in the Bavarian woods in Germany. It has characteristics similar to both the North American Jackalope, and the European Gryphon, though is closer related to the Jackalope. In Austria, the Wolpertinger is called the Raurakl.

Very little is known about Wolpertingers at this time. We aim to fix that through raising, and hopefully breeding the litter of Wolpertingers that have recently come into our care. It is possible that these creatures come in many more varieties than the wild Pheasant type pictured here. Hopefully within the next few months, we will have adult Wolpertingers to add to our Menagerie and breed the next generation!