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Creature Guide

A list of the different species of faerie creatures we have bred and sold in the past. Not all creatures are currently available for purchase.

Ellylldans (Will-o-the-Wisps)


The Ellylldans (also sometimes known as Will-o-the-wisps, or Ignis Fatuus) are one of the stranger creatures to appear on the Menagerie grounds. They appear to be nocturnal and were first spotted on a warm summer night in July. These gentle amphibians wake up at twilight and can be found floating among the branches of trees near large bodies of water. A gland near their throats produces a lighter-than-air gas which inflates a pouch on the Ellylldan's abdomen and allows them to drift through the air using their wings to change direction. On warm nights in July and August, whole groups of Ellylldan's can be seen drifting through the woods, easily identified by their glowing bellies and antenna.
While researching the Ellylldan life cycle, we discovered that these creatures go through a few different stages, including a tadpole and poliwog stage. When the season is right, we sometimes have tadpoles and poliwogs available for adoption alongside their adult counterparts.


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