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A list of the different species of faerie creatures we have bred and sold in the past. Not all creatures are currently available for purchase.

Bantam Cockatrices


One of my personal favorites, we have only recently started breeding the Bantam Cockatrice. This interesting creature is a domesticated variant of the wild European Cockatrice. The wild Cockatrice was first documented by Medieval monks, and had a plethora of powers associated with it. Some abilities the wild Cockatrice is reported to have include:

  • A stare that can turn living creatures to stone

  • venomous saliva

  • a crow that kills all serpents within a mile radius

    Luckily, the Bantam breed of these fierce creatures is much tamer and, like its name suggests, considerably smaller (Bantam is the word used for any miniature breed of fowl). Our Cockatrices have had the petrifying gene bred out of them, although their crows are still powerful, they won't stun or kill in most cases. They do however still retain highly acidic saliva, and it is recommended that caretakers use heavy gloves when handling adult cockatrices.

    We sell both Bantam chicks and Adults during our pre-order events. Special exotic breeds of Bantam Cockatrice are available at conventions and as occasional one-offs through the online shop. Right now, our standard breed of Cockatrice is the Diamondback Rattlesnake.

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