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Artist's rendering of the Menagerie House

Artist's rendering of the Menagerie House


the story of the lee's menagerie…

Hey there! My name is Stefani and I work for the Lee family here at the Menagerie house. If you've never stumbled across any peddlers of magic before, I understand it can be a lot to wrap your head around. Let me explain what the Menagerie house is and my role in this whole enterprise!

A few summers back, Lorelei Lee and her two daughters, Indigo and Marie, moved into a run-down Victorian house out in the rainy Washington woods. The house had been in the Lee family for generations, but no one had lived there in ten years. Lorelei found herself at the mercy of a messy divorce, and with funds being tight, she decided the girls and herself could handle living in the old house for just a little while. Unfortunately, the house had far more secrets than Lorelei expected. Her and her daughters were thrust head first into the disorienting, and dangerous realm of faerie-kind. Though I won't go into details about the journey the three Lee's embarked on over the course of that next year, I am in the process of recording the entire story, to be released in a series of novels as soon as possible.

The important bit of information here is knowing that at the end of their journey, the Lee's turned the strange house into a Menagerie of sorts dedicated to studying, raising, and sheltering the various faerie creatures trapped in our dimension. That's where I come in. Since Lorelei, Indigo, and Marie are busy traveling the world sealing rifts in the ether and collecting new faerie specimens, I'm the one stuck in the Menagerie house taking care of all the unusual flora and fauna the Lee's bring back. Part of my job includes breeding and raising new fae creatures, which is always unpredictable! We aim to find homes for all creatures in our care with responsible, enthusiastic, and hopefully experienced, keepers of magical creatures. So a big part of my job is community outreach as I search for the perfect forever homes for all my charges!

This blog space is going to be a combination of a creature guide and an exploration into the story, characters, and world of the Lee's Menagerie novel series. I know some of you have been waiting years for the book to finally get going, and I am so excited to finally start sharing some of the story with all of you. For weekly email updates on what is going on at the Menagerie and behind the scenes content, sign up for our newsletter through the homepage!

I'll be back very soon to dive back into the Lee's Menagerie world with you,