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Whisper Wyvern Hatchling

Whisper Wyvern Hatchling


This little Wyvern was barely out of its egg before we started to notice her changing…in just a few short days, she had developed the typical purple skin and milky eyes associated with the Whisper Virus, and began sprouting mushroom spores. Despite her zombie-fication (and her rather, um, visible guts), this little girl is still in need of a loving home to take her in and give her the special care all Whisper-infected creatures need. We’ve taken to calling her Nix, and she seems to respond favorably to that name. Do you think Nix might be a good fit for your personal Menagerie??

Nix here is cast in resin from an original sculpture. She has had several unique modifications made to her frame, mostly in the form of mushroom spores hand-sculpted in apoxie resin. She’s been completely hand-painted, sealed, and is a one-of-a-kind creature. Including her stand, Nix is about 10 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and five inches long. Her stand is made from wood and painted with a silver finish.

Nix will come with an adoption certificate signed by the artist. She is ready to ship off to her new home within 3 days of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Nix is a work of art, and not a toy designed for small children. She does need to be handled with care to ensure a long life. Please do not clean her with solvents, or leave her outside or in the sun, as it will damage her.

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