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Whisper Mantis Sprite

Whisper Mantis Sprite


PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the exact Mantis pictured. It is IN STOCK and ready to ship within 3 days of purchase.

Mantis Sprites are gentle flower faeries that attach themselves to individual plants, A mantis will take on characteristics of the plant they chose to live on, and in turn give the plant energy which makes it healthier and more vibrant.

This Mantis has been infected with the Whisper Spore. Little is known about this infection except that is causes infected creatures to go blind and deaf, while also sprouting mushrooms. The infected creatures seem to go into an almost trance-like state, and respond only to touch, or light. Thus far, whisper infection does not appear to be reversible.

Mantis Sprites are resin casts from an original sculpture. They have been hand-painted and sealed. Each Mantis is about four inches long, four and a half inches tall, and about two inches wide. Mantises come with an adoption certificate signed by the artist. 

PLEASE NOTE: Mantis Sprites are a work of art and not a toy meant for small children. Please treat your Mantis with care as rough handling can damage and break it. 

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