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Whisper Mandrake

Whisper Mandrake


Whisper sproutlings are what happens when the Whisper spore takes over an otherwise normal sproutling seed. These odd creatures are almost zombie-like in their behavior, and it is unclear wether they are still alive, or merely husks for the Whisper Fungi to use. Either way, they appear harmless and are safe to keep as pets.


Each Whisper is completely unique. They are resin casts from an original sculpture and have one of a kind mushroom additions done in apoxoe sculpt. Each Whisper is hand-painted and sealed to prevent wear and tear. 

Whispers are approximately 4 inches tall and about one inch wide.


This listing is for the exact Whisper pictured, you will be receiving the art you in the above photos. Whispers ship within 3-5 days of purchase.


Please be advised, this is a work of art and not a toy meant for small children. Improper handling of your Whisper could damage or break it.

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