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Resin Amanita Sproutling

Resin Amanita Sproutling


This little cutie is an Amanita Muscaria Sproutling, one of the very first fungi sproutlings to be discovered by the Lee’s Menagerie Team! These creatures are usually observed in the shady parts of the woods during the spring and fall. Here at the Menagerie, we’ve started cultivating a few different varieties of sproutlings, but the Amanita remain our most popular!

Amanita sproutlings are currently in-stock and ready to ship within 3-5 days of purchase. These guys are cast in urethane resin from a mold of an original sculpture. Each sproutling is hand-painted with acrylics, and though they generally all look similar, there will be slight variations from individual to individual. No two are exactly alike!

Your sproutling will measure 4 inches tall, and about 2 inches wide. Each sproutling comes with an adoption certificate, and is signed by the artist.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a work of art and not a toy intended for small children. Sproutlings must be handled with care and treated respectfully to ensure a long life. Each sproutling is entirely handmade and there will be small variations between each one.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: first-class shipping no longer includes tracking or insurance, so if you choose first-class at check out I cannot help you recover your item if it is lost in the post. I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by the postal service.

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