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Mountain Gem HummingGriff

Mountain Gem HummingGriff


This listing is for the exact item pictured; it is made and ready to ship within 3 -5 days of purchase.

HummingGriffs are made of resin, cast by hand from a mold of an original sculpture. Each one is hand painted, and has iridescent shimmer powder applied before sealing to create a metallic effect on some of the feathers.

Each HummingGriff measures approximately 4 inches long by 2 and a half inches tall. 

HummingGriffs come with an adoption certificate signed by the artist. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is a work of art and not a toy intended for small children. Humminggriffs must be handled with care and treated respectfully to ensure a long life. Each HummingGriff is entirely handmade and there will be small variations between each one.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: first-class shipping no longer includes tracking or insurance, so if you choose first-class at check out I cannot help you recover your item if it is lost in the post. I am not responsible for packages lost by the postal service.

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