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Gourd Ghoul

Gourd Ghoul


This is a READY-TO-SHIP order for the exact gourd ghoul pictured.

Gourd Ghouls are the feral cousins of the more human-like sproutlings. These ferocious creatures are high-energy and extremely territorial p, so they aren’t recommended for beginner creature keepers.

Each gourd ghoul is hand-casted in resin from a mold of an original sculpture. Because the gourd ghouls are artist casts, there are minor imperfections and variations in each individual figure, making them unique. The resin cats are then hand painted with acrylic paints and sealed. 

Every gourd ghoul comes with an adoption certificate signed by the artist.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We cannot guarantee tracking or insurance with the First Class Shipping option. If you would like your package to include both tracking and insurance please choose the Priority Mail option. We are not responsible for packages that are lost in the mail. 

PLEASE NOTE: this is a work of art and not a toy meant for small children. Rough handling can damage your mandrake as can solvents (glass cleaner, for example).

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