Beau The Wyvern Hatchling

Beau The Wyvern Hatchling


Beau is the very first green Boa wyvern we’ve hatched here at the Menagerie! He’s still very young, only just weaned, but so far he seems to have a very gentle and trusting personality. Beau would thrive in a home where he can spend long days hanging out on his new owners desk helping them pen poetry or long letters to friends an family.

Wyvern Hatchlings are cast in resin from an original sculpture. They are completely hand-painted, sealed, and each is a one-of-a-kind creature with a unique pattern and paint job. Including the stand, wyverns are about 10 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and five inches long. The stand is made from wood and sealed.

Wyverns come with an adoption certificate signed by the artist. This listing is for the exact wyvern pictured, which is made and is ready to ship within 5 days of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Wyvern Hatchlings are works of art, and not toys designed for small children. They need to be handled with care to ensure a long life. Please do not clean your wyvern with solvents, or leave them outside or in the sun, as it will damage them.

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