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Updates from the faerie research lab!

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello everyone! 

This space is intended to function as a hub for the various research projects and creature updates we are working on. The Menagerie is a faerie research facility as well as a breeder and hatchery. Lorelei, Indigo, and Marie travel the world in search of new and interesting information about all manner of faerie creatures. They document their discoveries and send them here so I can keep all of you up to date on the latest faerie news!

Additionally, this blog will be a place to post information about our breeding animals and when new creatures are expected to be ready to find new homes. Sometimes these adoptions take place online and sometimes we will be able to bring some of our faeries to an event for in-person adoption. I’ll post here whenever we have new information about events and shows, but if you want to see the current line-up of shows we will be attending, visit the Events page for a look at our calendar. For daily, mirco-updates on what’s going on at the menagerie, and work in progress pictures, follow my instagram @leesmenagerie.