Lee's Menagerie
Melding Science & Magic


Get to know the artist and a little bit about the story of Lee's Menagerie.


About the Artist

Stefani Lee learned from an early age that there is more to our world than meets the eye. As a child she always suspected there were faeries in her garden and jackalopes in her backyard.  As she grew older her love of fairy tales and magic blended with her interest in biology and natural history until one day the Lee’s Menagerie was born.

The Lee’s Menagerie universe is about connecting the fictional story of the Lee family, and their incredible adventures, with the Artdolls Stefani enjoys making. Currently Stefani is working on writing the first book in the Lee’s Menagerie series so that the story can be shared with everyone who enjoys her artwork.


The Story of Lee's Menagerie

Lorelei Lee and her two daughters, Indigo and Marie, founded the Lee’s Menagerie after experiencing an extraordinary adventure in the summer of 2011 (the events of which we are currently being chronicled into a book series). After stumbling headfirst into the strange Astral Plane that some call the faerie realm, the Lee Family converted their house into a faerie research center and care facility. At the Menagerie the Lee’s study the effects of astral magic on earthly creatures and the odd, almost alien results of astral radiation. Often Lorelei, Indigo, and Marie find themselves traveling across the globe to study and better understand their faerie subjects.

As this travel often leaves no one around to manage the daily up keep of the Menagerie (and care for the faeries in their charge), the Lee’s have hired me, Stefani, to manage their shop, care for the breeding creatures, and publish their research so the world can begin to understand those magical beings who inhabit it. I try my best to keep up with the Lee’s, but it’s a lot of work to keep up with such unusual animals! Luckily the occasional package and visit from the three women helps keep me sane. Of course, I do have a degree in magizoology, so I only get things wrong on a…regular basis.

Since the Lee’s are so busy, you probably won’t see them on here often... 

Art by  Jacob Saucedo